Sheri’s Rants # 13 ; RE-ADJUSTMENT

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Sheri and BabyDoll (13 weeks)

Sheri and BabyDoll (13 weeks)

I’m on a road trip with my young rottweiler, BabyDoll.  This is her first time away from her other two pack members Mangas and Seb.  While she’s used to trail hiking and all the adventures associated with being in the wilderness (this last fall she was bitten by a rattlesnake; she’s been gashed by unknown sources and punctured by goatheads; chased by javelinas…) she has no experience with the city nor real travel.

Yesterday we climbed out of the car exhausted after a 9 hour push to Durango, CO.  After checking into the hotel and dumping all my stuff in my room I grabbed her leash and we headed out on a concrete river trail following the Animas River for around 6 miles.  BabyDoll was nervous, jumpy, and unsure of herself.  That’s when I realized that she never had been away from the pack before.  Her normal confident rottweiler swagger was replaced by tentative steps – head down, ears back.  She weaved a bit and stayed low.  The river freaked her out – but she got used to that.   Then a bike went by and she tried to run off the path.  People and dogs she was cool with – she is very well socialized.  She ignored all the other dogs, intent on navigating this new territory.

We walked by a skate park.  The sound of the skateboards rolling and slamming as the kids roamed the concrete bowl terrified BabyDoll so intensely I could barely drag her away.  I spoke to her soothingly but there was no talking her down from the tree.  As we passed she picked up her pace to distance herself.  Around the next bend we encountered a park with a loud heavy metal band performing on an outdoor stage.  This flattened her to the pavement again (I actually didn’t blame her on this one) and we struggled to pass.  Completely unnerved, she ‘lost it’ several more times as we met skateboarders, scooters, runners, baby strollers and we crossed a few bridges.  Finally, back in the hotel room she had difficulty relaxing in the new space.

It’s spring.  I was thinking about change in general – spring being rife with the stuff.  Everything changes in this season; there is budding and growth and increasing warmth.   We’re going to do new things outside, dress differently, arrange our schedules.  The days get longer and we’ll find ways to fill them.  Watching my young dog struggle with new experiences reminded me how hard we humans struggle with the same thing.  Except that most of the time we know better than to flatten ourselves to the pavement whining.  Most of the time.

Did you know that spring can be touchy for folks?  All the change in the air, added to the stress of changing times, can pack an emotional wallop.  Something to be aware of.  Up the yoga, keep up with your workouts, keep your food clean.  You know, basically make sure your chemical bases are covered.  You’ll feel better quick.

If you happen to be involved in transforming your body right now then spring is a special time.  So much to look forward to!  Aside from looking better in your summer clothes than you remember looking in the past, you’ll be stronger and ready for new experiences.  Everything will look different to you; you’ll see.  If you haven’t started transforming your body yet, this is a great time to start.  It ends all the picking on yourself all summer long for not looking or feeling ‘good enough’ for a variety of adventures.

BabyDoll Today (12 months)

BabyDoll Today (12 months)

This morning BabyDoll and I headed down the same river path.  The skateboarding park was empty; the music park was empty and the river path was teeming with dogs and people.  She was much more comfortable.  She’s not swaggering  yet, but she’s not flattening herself to the pavement, either.  Progress.

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