Sheri’s Rant’s # 9: Tighten it Up!

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Cecilia has been in the Rotation phase of Genesis Transformation for the last 3 months.  Every time her weight drops to a certain number (let’s say 140 lbs), ‘something happens’ to throw her off track for another week of fat loss.  Her mother made her famous apple custard pie.  Her husband had a brush with the neighbor.  An aunt was diagnosed with cancer.  She was stuck in a meeting for 6 hours with nothing but donuts and coffee.  After about 4 weeks of this, Cecilia finally said to me “You know, I see this work for everyone else, but my body is really stuck at this weight and nothing is working!  I am so frustrated, I am thinking about quitting!”  Not only that, but 2 of her friends are now on a dangerous diet involving less than 500 calories/day plus Human Growth Hormone shots.  They are looking skinnier already!

Everyone who’s traveled the Transformation path reaches this point – some sooner than later – of feeling like giving up because things ‘just aren’t happening’ despite ‘best efforts’ and ‘doing everything possible’.

Here’s my advice:  TIGHTEN IT UP!!

foster-fitness-bw4That’s what you want for your health and your body, right?  Tightness?  Tight strong robust health, a tight strong robust body.  One comes with the other.  To get there – guess what?  You gotta tighten up your behavior for a bit.  Not for the rest of your life, just for a bit.  Long enough for your brain to see things a little differently.  Long enough to appreciate feeling good.   Long enough to get the transformation in your body that you say you want.

If you’re the ‘norm’, you believe you are ALREADY as tightened up, behaviorally, as you can get!  You don’t believe you could donate one more thing to your arsenal of self care that would make a difference…so here’s a list to help you out.  When you feel ‘stuck’, run down this list and make sure you’re hitting all of the ‘Lifestyle Objectives’ necessary for physical change:


1)  CLEAN FOOD – are you measuring and weighing?  Is what you’re putting into Genesis really what is going into your mouth?  Are you eating every 2.5 hours, with protein at every meal?  Are you popping anything else into your mouth that you don’t journal?

2)  WATER – the standard is a gallon per day of water.  If you’re not getting that much water in, your liver won’t have an easy time processing body fat.  Your muscles may not be able to absorb glycogen as readily with out enough water – not to mention all the myriad processes that your body requires water to perform!

3)  EXERCISE – how’s your effort?  Are you truly showing up to yourself at workouts, is there anything you can do to improve?  Are you visibly gaining in performance, strength, and/or endurance?  Are your cardio sessions dialed in?  Your heart-rate spot on?  Are you enjoying yourself?  Are you changing things up?

4)   REST – your recovery is just as important as your exertion level.  Sleep deprivation can quickly lead to over-training symptoms, will raise stress hormone levels, and put your body on alert which will slow down the process of fat loss.  More importantly, a lack of rest will not allow your body to rejuvenate on the level of your organs and nervous system.

5)  ELEGANT THINKING – how you speak to yourself, in your head, is one of the greatest indicators of whether or not you will be successful no matter WHAT you undertake, in all areas of your life!  If, in your head, you believe this will never work for you – then it won’t.  Period.  You have to work with your thinking and move it into a positive direction.  You must be able to see where you are going before you will be able to arrive.  This is where your Training Journal comes in!  Are you writing in it daily, being accurate with your notes?  Are you tracking your indiscretions as well as your accomplishments?  Make sure you are tracking weight, actual cals/ratios consumed, water intake, exercise, and whether or not you slept.  Note, as well, how you felt not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.  You will begin to see patterns in your behavior  related to your physical and mental responses, and this will be invaluable information.  This is where self-responsibility begins – and Genesis Transformation is all about learning how to be response-able to YOU.

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