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Journal Entry – 04/02/2006 (weight 183 lbs):

Today was a hard day.  I printed out the photos Jill took yesterday and was SHOCKED at how I look.  I truly do not see myself as an obese person – slightly overweight, yes, but not obese.  But the photos do not lie.
So I was feeling really worthless – that’s the best word for it.  Like, how could I have gotten this way?  I do not weigh as much as my previous (pre-fast) high, but clearly, my measurements and the photos indicate that I am MUCH fatter than I have ever been in my entire life.
I am also struggling with the PFA (online food journal).  I am spending hours trying to balance food and not really succeeding very well.  I don’t know what I am doing wrong.
I had company this weekend and am really feeling the pressure of being behind in work, not doing a very good job with food, even though I am spending hours (that I don’t have right now).
Also, it seems counter-intuitive to have to force myself to eat more food in the evening because I haven’t eaten enough during the day.  I guess I have to plan better, but again, no time!
I meet with Sheri Lynn for my first weight training session and hopefully she can give me some encouragement.  I am really feeling overwhelmed.

Fast Forward:

Journal Entry – 12/17/2007 (weight 126 lbs):

Last night was our store Christmas party.  When I slipped into my little black dress, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and was shocked at how I look!  I never dreamed when I started this process that it would be possible for my body to look the way it does now – lean, strong, and with defined muscles that I can actually see!  A glowing complexion and the posture that announces that this is a person to be reckoned with!   But even more exciting than the way it looks is the way my body feels.  My blood pressure has returned to optimal, I sleep like a baby, have tons of energy, and none of the joint pain that used to plague me all the time.  I feel wonderful!
And I was so proud of myself at the party.  The day before, Jill and I discussed how we were going to manage it – we each spent a few minutes with Genesis to line out our day.  I asked the chefs to prepare our food correctly, and Jill made walnut truffles for us to have for dessert instead of cheesecake.  We had plenty of Pellegrino on hand, so our wine glasses were never empty.  And I ended the evening on plan, with not one blip in my rotation!
I feel so empowered.  It’s like – if I can do this, I can do ANYTHING!

imgp1285How often have your read or heard of weight loss “experts” who are quick to tell people that losing weight won’t solve their problems – they’ll still have to deal with them or else the weight will come right back on.  That’s a convenient ‘out’ if the program doesn’t work, isn’t it?
Well, that line of thinking may be true for conventional weight loss programs that use calorie restriction, fake food, pills, and/or ineffective cardio to force rapid weight loss.  All that is lost is muscle and water – very little fat, so that (like my own experience with fad diets and fasting) the weight comes back on leaving a person fatter than before they dieted and filled with hopelessness and despair.
By contrast, my experience with Genesis Transformation is that IT CHANGES EVERYTHING!  As a person who has now learned how to take loving care of my body (as Sheri says, the only thing I will ever truly own), I have replaced the feelings of worthlessness with deep feelings of self-confidence, self-respect, self-worth, and self-love.  Yes, life is still going to deliver it’s heartbreaks, it’s disappointments, it’s frustrations.  But the process of Genesis Transformation has given me the tools to deal with the hardships and joys of life from a perspective of inner strength, confidence, integrity, and peace.  It has also allowed me the freedom to open myself to new possibilities I would never have imagined two years ago.
The reason is simple.  This is not just about weighing food and doing exactly x number of minutes of high intensity cardio on precisely certain days of the week, although the tasks that lead us to health can certainly not be overlooked.  You cannot truly transform your body into a healthy, vibrant, glowing receptacle for your spirit, without first transforming your mind!  That’s why I pay close attention to the Genesis Transformation slogan, because it is profoundly true!  The body does achieve what the mind believes, and the process of changing a lifetime’s worth of faulty thinking to a series of new beliefs that honor and serve my deepest self is what has changed everything for me.
And is it worth it?  Absolutely!!

Marilyn Nelson, age 58

(see Marilyn’s before and after pics in the Lifestyle Transformation section of the website!)

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