Legs Day!!

Posted on February 24, 2009 by


Used to be a time when I really dreaded Legs Day in the gym.  My favorite body part to train was my back, and my legs workout loomed ahead, weekly, like an insurmountable challenge.   After a year or so, I got tired of the mental drama, allowed that I had a very strong back, and resolved to turn my cheerful attention to my legs and make Legs Day my favorite.  Since then, Legs Day is just as fun as all the other days in the gym, and I am glad to be free of the dread!

This particular workout floated to my head several days after a long steep hike.  It was Legs Day, and I was already sore.  Still, it’s Legs Day, so let’s get at it:

This session starts with a tri-set and ends with a super-set.  No rest between exercises.  Do take a 2 minute break between sets to guzzle some water, stretch, and look important.

TRI SET: (15 reps first set, 12 the second, 10 the third, 8-10 the fourth)

Dumbell squat,  heavy

Alternating front lunge, dumbells on shoulders, heavy (left + right = 1 rep)

Burpees (from a nuetral stand, come down to a tuck with hands on the floor, jump back into a pushup position, back to the tuck, and explode up powerfully into a jump with arms overhead, land in a 1/2 squat, and return to nuetral) DO 8 each set

SUPERSET: (12 reps first set, 10 the second, 8-10 the third)   dsc_8007

Romanian Deadlifts, barbell, heavy

Bench Ham Squeeze, lie on back on floor, one foot on side of bench with bent knee, the other leg straight up from your hips with a flexed foot.   Lift glutes as high as you can (forming a bridge with your torso), squeezing hamstring, and lower slowly. DO 15 each leg, each set.

And the most important part of Legs Day?  EAT!!