Embrace Other Points of View

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By Jim Cathcart

Everything you know has come from within the limits of your life up to now. You might be wrong about how things work. Explore and experiment with other ways of looking at things. See things from someone else’s perspective. Take a different route to your usual places.

photo submitted by Jade Mason

photo submitted by Jade Mason

Read something outside your areas of interest. Listen to a radio station or type of music that is not your usual one. Assume that the other point of view was more enlightened than yours. What difference would that make in how you think about others? Try to truly understand and appreciate others.

It is through the understanding of different perspectives that people often grow. “Walking a mile in another’s mocassins” will go a long way toward understanding why people feel the way they do and are the way they are. Their perspectives come from life experiences that you have not had. That doesn’t make them wrong. It just makes them “different”. It’s those differences that lead everyone to a deeper understanding of each other.



Just like the photo to the right that Jade sent us, without the perspective of the mirror there’d be no evidence of the gorgeous sunset!

If you’re working with Genesis Transformation, then you are already making this big leap.  You are being challenged all the time to look at food differently, at your body differently, your mind, even your emotions.  You are challenged to see yourself as an empowered being capable of transformation!

Once in a while, step into someone else’s world.  I like to stand on a chair  and notice what the tall people are seeing.  Or sit on a curb and check out how differently the world looks.  You can stop and fully listen to what someone is telling you, and ask ‘why’ and ‘how’, especially if you feel that you disagree with them on a fundamental level!  You never know what new perspectives you can walk away with.

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