RN Advice: Holiday Inflammation

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Holidays are stressful enough without experiencing inflammation and symptoms of detox. I take responsibility to prevent personal temptation. What is YOUR PLAN to eliminate temptation and the consumption of inflammatory foods?

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I love this time of the year with the turning foliage, pumpkins baking in the oven and toasty fires but frankly this saying is right on.  Halloween is the beginning of abundant comfort food meals and baked treats.  Couple that with increased stress – a toxic combination that leads to INFLAMMATION. Do not fear, with a little planning, the holidays do not have to include this toxic ingredient.

Inflammation is caused by many things including but not limited to refined sugar, processed foods (including wheat and corn), polyunsaturated oils including omega-6 fat and nuts, ALCOHOL and STRESS.

Remember this: Two things can not occupy the same space!  When we imbibe in inflammatory foods, our liver stops its job of fat burning to process the toxic food.  While the liver is breaking down the inflammatory food, the byproducts circulate in our body causing:

  • Joint pain

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