Stop, Look and Listen

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by Jacob Zimmerman

For some reason I feel the need to share today.  I have been a Genesis Transformation student for more than four years now.  I’ve grown so much and it’s done many good things for myself, my relationships and my family.  Even the family dog has benefited from the ‘trickle down performance’ applied to his food.  And so I offer one of my revelations to us all-

It’s not just about food.  And today I’m giving away the secret.  Are you ready?  The key to Genesis Transformation is listening.  Listen to your coach, yes, but more importantly LISTEN TO YOURSELF.  Listen to your body.  What feels good?  What doesn’t?  Can’t feel anything?  Listen harder!

One of my daughter’s nursery rhymes concluded with the phrase:

“She listened all day, without saying a word.
And the more she listened, the more she heard.”

So if I may adapt-

  • STOP the stories and business!  Be present!
  • LOOK at yourself and what you’re doing! 
  • and LISTEN to your body!  How does that feel? 

It’s as easy as crossing the street. 

What’s next?  Cross the street!  Take ACTION! 

Enjoy your day!

Jacob Zimmerman


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