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coffeeCOFFEE TALK! !
With your host: Dave
Question: IS coffee bad for you?
Frank, MT

Dear Frank,
I have never seen conclusive evidence that coffee itself is a harmful thing. It does have a
diuretic effect (causes us to release water) so as long as our water intake is adequate this is not
a serious issue. Another possible issue is the effect on the adrenal glands – since caffeine is a
stimulant it can cause wear on our adrenals, this depends on the drinker in question and again –
this effect is made worse by dehydration.

Creamers, sweeteners, and any flavorings are more suspect as harmful substances than the
coffee itself. I advise EVERYONE to avoid any and all artificial flavors and sweeteners, they are
just not good for you! Try honey instead of sugar, coconut or hemp milk instead of creamer, and
flavored stevia instead of artificial flavor.

Want to enjoy more coffee and less caffeine? Lighter roast = More caffeine. Darker roast =
Less caffeine. Still getting bonkers? Use WATER process decaf, it still will have less flavor than
the full caffeine counterpart but it is chemical free.

The longer the coffee stays in contact with the grounds the higher the potential for acidity. Drip
brewed and percolated coffee are higher in acidity than espresso. Want less acid still? Our
new household essential gadget is the ‘AERO-PRESS’ which very quickly and easily makes
great coffee which is filtered to make it one of the smoothest and lowest acid coffees I’ve tried.

AND NOW – My favorite ‘special’ coffee beverage:
#1) Make a strong cup of your favorite coffee
#2) Place 1-2 TBS hempseeds in a high speed blender
#3) Pour hot coffee in blender along with a sweetener of your choice, TIGHTLY close lid
#4) Make sure lid is tight! Blend on high for about 15 seconds
Foamy, rich, delicious!
Still working on a cure for coffee breath (progress is slow on this),


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