Watch This: What Are The Bees Telling Us?

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queen-full-pdf-imageRun Time: 1:21 minutes

Director: Taggart Sigel

Queen of the Sun takes a unique approach exploring the importance of honeybee colonies in correlation with agriculture in our country, and all of North America. Honeybees are disappearing at an astounding rate, and while this may seem like an odd correlation to clean eating, it is the perspective of self-care and self-responsibility, both for ourselves and for the planet that resonate with me. Our earth provides to us, whole foods, and if we do not take care of that which we receive from, the human population could suffer a huge loss.

“Their crisis is our crisis,” an organic beekeeper says. Because nearly half of our food production depends on bee pollination, the fate of this 100 million-year-old insect is intimately linked to our own. And with millions of bee colonies already lost in America alone, the dire predictions of colony collapse disorder seem about to be fulfilled.

Siegel points the finger of colony collapse disorder (essentially the destruction of bee colonies) at pesticides, single-crop farming, and the industrialization of beekeeping itself. Filmed with breathtaking cinematography, this film is unique, interesting, and beautiful to watch.

Jenny Carr
Genesis Transformation Coach
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