Journey to My Life’s Purpose: August

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Light_Bulb_Ah-HaI just love ah-ha moments.  I get the most warm, enlightened feeling when this happens.  I will say it is also usually when things are going along ok and then click – this huge lightbulb goes off that just lights up my whole world.  This month I had one of those.  (BIG smiles!)

The last few months I have been focusing on rekindling my intuition by shutting my ego mind down and FEELING instead of processing and analyzing everything.  Allowing things/events/emotions without judgement and not controlling outcomes.  This has been no easy task for me.  It takes a constant attention to BE-ing present every single minute of the day.  In conjunction, my focus on my spirituality is expanding as it seems to go hand in hand with becoming in tuned with who I be. 

So I was meeting with a group of women and we were talking integrity and congruency; Being in our truth.  I honestly don’t remember what specifically was said but all of a sudden the ah-ha hit.  (thump my forehead with hand kind of moment) Was I being congruent with all aspects of me; mind, body and spirit?  Hmmm… I had been focusing on mind and spirit but what about body?  Absolutely not.  While I was eating clean, I had slacked off on my workouts and walks and frankly it was showing.  I was more flabby and less toned.  There was that ah-ha.  I talk to my clients about the mind, body and spirit and yet I was not practicing one aspect.  How can I expect my clients to do more than what I am doing?

Our bodies are our temple that must be nourished and exercised to allow clarity to our thoughts and intuition.  Can we trust our intuition or even thoughts if we are not honoring and tethering our body to the grounding earth?  This month I have refocused to include several weight workout as well as walks or cardio to nourish the third aspect – the body.  This I know will only enhance the mind and spiritual work and allow greater growth in all.  Ahhhhh, this feels so good.

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Peggi Ingram RN BSN
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