Journey to My Life’s Purpose – June Update

Posted on June 2, 2014 by


kitchenby Peggi Ingram, RN BSN

We have finished the final touches on the remodeling. My kitchen and living room are now one huge open space and I am loving it.  I didn’t realize how much the construction was consuming me until now that I don’t have that to focus on for 8+ hours a day.  For someone like me who has run large projects, been extremely time oriented to ‘get it all done’ and now be open to a lot of time and no scheduling – this had some great discomfort for me.   

There was part of me that loved not having the workers here and another part thinking – what am I going to do?  What ‘should’ I be doing?  I have come to realize that I ‘should’ be doing NOTHING. I have spent much time in meditation, yoga classes, reading, journaling and frankly found I have been extremely tired.  This ‘extra’ time has allowed me to rest.  What a concept!  My body, mind and spirit has needed this time.  

While in the beginning of the month, I was in quite some discomfort with ‘nothing’ to do, I have come into the end of the month loving the peace, quiet and lack of schedule.   This is definitely new to me.  I have allowed whatever to come up to be what IS and be at peace with this. No thoughts or judgment to outcome or focus on anything but rest.

I have had contact from a couple of new clients as well as a returning client.  I am extremely grateful for the gradual shifting that has opened up new opportunities so that I can also still tend to what is most important; Healing and filling up my reserve tank that had been running extremely low for some time.  Life is extremely good and I am looking forward to warmer weather and continued growth within me as well as my business.