Body Movement Teaches Life Lessons

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WOW! Back from my March trip to Montana and blown away by the progress made by the lumberjacks at RBM Lumber since I was there last in September!!

Below are a few LIFE LESSONS I took away after observing consistent body movement regimens.  Who knew exercise had so much to offer?!?!  I knew it made us healthy and look great but what I learned…..was so much more!

Legs up the Wall, Feet Flexed, Activating quads.

Legs up the Wall, Feet Flexed, Activating quads.

Intention: Our movement is derived from an intention, our results are a product of that movement.   Is your intention of exercise to build a strong, solid foundation or moving from point a to point z using short cuts?  The intention will guide the precision AND results!

Perseverance: I recognized the guys with huge transformation, showed up, no matter what! Sometimes, they were met by a difficult workout and other times it was obvious they needed rest or foam rolling. Their bodies were advancing at optimal speed, by simply showing up.

Integrity:  By showing up and keeping commitments to themselves, not only were their bodies changing into athletes, they also gained a deeper sense of integrity within their character ethic.

Discipline:  One of the deepest requirements for change and growth is discipline. The ladies and gentlemen who displayed obvious growth also displayed pronounced Discipline! They did not complain or whine or come up with a story of why they couldn’t show up, ever, they just showed up…on many levels!

Bio-mechanics: We can’t escape Natural Law.  Pain and dysfunction WILL happen without proper movement or by taking short cuts.   Eventually pain shows up to teach us we’re not following the body’s user manual correctly. This lesson was taught on the body yet symbolized anything worth doing, is worth doing correctly!

Self Awareness: When we pay attention to our body’s messages, we receive data to keep going in the same direction, or, STOP MOVING and alter course.  If we experience many headaches or shoulder issues, we might be carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders.  Often, a simple act of letting go or detaching from outcomes, will allow our body to relax back into correct posture….alleviating headaches, muscle pain and even sugar cravings.

Mind – Body Connection: The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes. Our actions follow our thoughts.  What’s on your mind?   To change one’s body, one’s mind must change first.

Prevention: – RBM are years ahead industry leaders by using exercise, correct bio-mechanics and wellness classes as their safety program. Genius if you ask me! They are pioneers to the future of corporate health and safety programs and the DEFINITION of Leaders! By guiding their employees through proper movement, focused body awareness, yoga, stress reducing technique and inflammation reducing nutritional education – they are providing their employees CUTTING EDGE disease and injury prevention!

Humility:  For growth, one must humble themselves to learn from others.  I observed Six foot+ muscle guys listen and act on every word 5′ Sheri instructed for increased strength and flexibility.  I saw a man that dropped over 100 pounds on his own, come in with a food log every day asking for advice to become healthier, after hitting a plateau on his own.

Altered Destiny: Coming from a person who learns from the “Big Picture”, I was blown away with God’s work, when all of the pieces came together!  Through movement, the ladies and gentlemen at RBM have completely altered their health’s destiny.  Every single cell of their body, altered course from where it WAS going, the day they met Sheri.

Faith: Is our behavior while we wait.  Not knowing an outcome but persevering and enjoying where you’re at on the way to where you’re going!  Faith will bring results.  The owners of RBM are lead by faith, it was truly refreshing to witness.

Follow along with one of RBM’s employees.  Joshua had back surgery last summer and never once complained, never pushed past his body’s ability to heal or came up with a story to keep him from growth.  His spinal movement was one the best I saw and it’s not even a year past his back surgery….intention, perseverance, integrity, discipline, self awareness, humility.

Cat/Cow: Use every morning out of bed to get your spinal fluids moving!  Hands are shoulder distance, palms flat, middle finger facing forward, toes tucked – hip distance apart.  Inhale as you lift your tail bone and head, exhale as you tuck your tailbone and drop the head.  All movement starts at the tailbone!

Bird/Dog will strengthen the Core!  Opposite arm extends forward simultaneously with opposite leg extending behind you, foot flexed, spine aligned, eyes on the floor.

Garland Pose is great for core, digestion, focus, balance, strength and flexibility. Feet as close as possible, heels on the floor, spine is straight on slumped, knee joints over ankle joints.  Use a rolled towel under heels if you can not reach the floor.

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