Arthritis: A Personal View

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jakeRecently someone asked me what arthritis feels like and what it feels like when I go off my food plan.

I was diagnosed with arthritis a week after my 26th birthday.  I was limping everywhere, taking 8 ibuprofen a day and had just moved my family 600 miles.  I thought I had a simple foot problem and had been treated by 2 different podiatrists and 1 physiotherapist when an orthopedic surgeon referred me to a rheumatologist.

My definition of arthritis caught me by surprise because I actually found it while I was describing what it feels like when I go off my food plan- a hangover.  Also note that alcohol is a complex sugar.  Anyhow, a hangover for me was typically a slightly sour stomach, basic all around headache and my knees ached- a fiery ache right in the joint.  And why not?  I’ve had 3 knee surgeries after all.  But while describing this to a friend I found out that the knee pain is not actually part of a standard hangover.  I even noticed that this pain started while I was still drinking, not just the hangover.

Arthritis doesn’t just occur, it builds up over time until you finally notice it.  I built up a tolerance for this “background pain” and certain things trigger it to flare up- like a hangover (or the actual cause, alcohol).  Believe it or not, sugar has the same affect.  There is sugar in so much that we eat that our bodies never actually go without it.  And you have to make an effort to go without it (so many names and sneaky label practices out there).

Consider it this way- you’ll never know what a hangover is if you’re always drunk.  Sugar has the same inflammatory effect on the body (especially arthritis).  So try going sugar free- for at least 2 weeks (long enough to get rid of the hangover).  I promise the worst that could happen is that you feel the same as you do right now.

by:  Jake Zimmerman

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