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Directed by: Sebastian Howard Runtime: 59 min th
Released: 2012


In a word – fascinating! The narrator and investigator, Sebastian, explores the question “Is milk GOOD for us or NOT?” He speaks to advocates from all sides of this controversial issue, including dairy farmers, nutritionists, doctors, various authors, and scientists.

Ultimately Sebastian finds no definitive answer whether or not milk does a body good. Viewers must decide for themselves. Advocates opposing the dairy industry make compelling arguments against milk consumption, as do advocates for consuming only raw dairy products. Anti-dairy proponents note that while milk contains many important nutrients, consumers can find those nutrients in other food products.

I found more interesting and thought-provoking the information from RAW dairy advocates. They compare the differences between raw dairy and conventional dairy. Raw dairy, un-pasteurized from cows fed a grass-based diet, contains high levels of living enzymes and constitutes a living food, one they believe is beneficial to humans.

Conventional dairy farmers, on the other hand, not only pasteurize their milk but also feed their cows corn, grain and who knows what else. This unknown diet base should cause all of us concern, especially if it contains GMO grains, pesticides, and antibiotics.

Overall the film provides great information about a product that it is heavily marketed as one of the most beneficial foods humans can eat or drink. This documentary simply gives consumers some basic information from an array of perspectives enabling them to make their own informed decision. If you or members of your family drink milk or eat dairy products, I highly recommend watching this film simply to gain a better understanding of the product and its history.

After all, if we’re responsible for what we put in our bodies, we have a duty to stay informed.


Coach Lyndsey Marshall

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