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Frankensteer                                                 th-1

2006, 44 min

Directed by:   Ted Remerowski

Marrin Cannell

Frankensteer documents the practices of commercial beef production in Canada.  Canada and the United States have virtually the same philosophy behind producing beef for human consumption.  The two governments work together with private scientists to determine acceptable levels of hormone use, antibiotic use, and what feed they can substitute to lower costs and increase quantity.

What these two governments determined as “safe” truly horrified this viewer.  The result? Increased cancer rates among women that link to increased hormone ingestion from meat. Bacterial infections that now resist antibiotics after our increased exposure to antibiotics in livestock. And let us not forget ‘mad cow disease’ which developed by feeding cattle (herbivores) brains and other parts of fellow cows and also parts of pigs and other livestock.

After the filmmakers laid out all the gruesome facts, they contrasted feedlots to a farm/ranch that had far fewer animals grazing in a pasture. These animals were not freakishly large and looked very much at peace.  The film then described grass fed and finished meat and its benefit to consumers.

One scientist featured in the film actually testified before Parliament, protesting the use of hormones. He said, “There is NO safe limit to a chemical that has been known to cause cancer.”

So, if we humans want to prevent and recover from disease, why would we consume a diseased animal?

Needless to say after seeing this film the few extra dollars spent on meat that is grass fed and grass finished is completely worth it, especially if it keeps my family and me safe and healthy!

 Coach Lyndsey Marshall            th-2

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