Completely Floxed: Tara’s Story

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Taraby: Tara O’Connor

In July of this year, I was floxed by a commonly used antibiotic called Ciprofloxacin (part of the Floraquinolone antibiotics).  Before my experience, I had never heard the term floxed, but came to learn that it is used to describe a myriad of physical and emotional damage caused by Floraquinolone toxicity. Quinolone antibiotics are commonly prescribed for a wide range of infections, but like many medications, have the potential for serious side effects. In fact, the FDA has issued black box warnings on Quinolone antibiotics due to an increase in the number of consumer reports related to tendon damage and peripheral neuropathy.

In my case, after two of a seven day course on Cipro, I began experiencing painful burning in my legs and forearms, significant tendon and muscle pain, twitching eyelids, anxiety attacks, extreme sensitivity to cold, heart palpitations, and insomnia. The symptoms came on so suddenly and were so intense that I was terrified. My online research revealed an entire community of individuals with similar experiences and some whose stories were heartbreaking. Their physicians had no answers except pain management through medication. I knew immediately that I had to be proactive.

I had worked with Genesis Transformation in the past and reached out to GT coach Peggi, who offered her guidance and medical knowledge to help me. Additionally, I discovered a book called “The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution”, which provided a detailed list of specific supplements and strongly emphasized following a whole foods regime.  Ultimately, the GT solution for me has involved using whole foods to nourish my body and eliminate inflammation in order to reduce pain and allow healing from the toxic damage. ONLY whole foods, organic foods, grass fed-organic meats, purified water, light exercise, and rest.  NO wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, soy, processed foods, or medications.

My reaction to Cipro was not accidental. I had always been mostly healthy, made mostly good food choices, stayed mostly active and maintained a good weight. But I’ve discovered that “most of the time” means nothing when it comes to inflammation in the body, especially if stress is always present in your life. It takes very little bad to create chronic inflammation all the time. And inflammation breaks down your body, makes you susceptible to disease and sickness, and can prohibit the absorption of nourishing minerals and vitamins from food. It can lead to problems you would never imagine, like being floxed.

A month and a half after taking my first dose of Cipro, I’m feeling remarkably better. And in ways that go beyond healing the toxicity. Peggi helps to guide me in my food choices, manage flare ups, and provide everyday support. I take high doses of magnesium and work on finding more balance in my life. Quinolone toxicity mutates and can show itself as a new symptom or in a different part of the body every week. However, my symptoms are much milder now. I’ve had flare ups, but they can usually be attributed to small indiscretions, which don’t appear to be significant – eating meats treated with antibiotics, drinking unpurified water, or eating a few servings of grains or processed foods.

In the past, I experienced fatigue, depression, and cravings from bad choices. Now, the effect of even small indiscretions is acutely and painfully obvious to me. I want to exercise fully again, have days without any nerve or tendon pain, and to live without either fear or uncertainty about what lies ahead. I know that my best chance to fully heal is to follow the GT lifestyle 100%. No dabbling, no cheating, no days off. Thank you to my GT coach, Peggi, for her wonderful guidance and support and for giving me the confidence and hope that my body can and will heal over time.

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