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DIRT – the moviedirt

2009, 80 minutes, NR

Directed by Bill Benenson & Gene Rosow

Documentary films of this genre can sometimes feel very preachy – and can make me feel kind of bad, or self-righteous, depending on whether or not I agree with the message being delivered.  DIRT is different.  It is a call to action, but on an emotional level.  It asks us to pay attention, to listen, and appreciate this living skin that we all depend on.

A film covering a topic of critical importance to us all can easily fall into a sort of scary gloom – think drowning polar bears – but Dirt manages to keep it light.  Playful animation is used to illustrate the true nature of this ‘living skin,’ with comical portrayals of the ‘little-guys’, the microbes that are at work 24 hours a day underground.  One incredible non-animated sequence shows a light powered by these microbes!  Really!

Several ‘dirt-activists‘ are featured in the film; people who recognize our sacred connection to the soil and are doing something about it.  They farm, educate, and inspire people to get their hands dirty!  These are not your garden-variety-dirt-loving hippies but Ivy-league professors, Nobel-laureates, and community leaders.  I was left longing to plant a garden – or even just a seed – after listening to them speak.

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