Ask Dave: Do GMO’s Suck?

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Dear Dave,

 I have been following some of the recent debate over GMO’s (genetically modified foods) and I have one question:  What is really so bad about them?  I have still not heard a solid case against them but understand that they keep our food costs low.

 Mitch, NY

Dear Mitch,

Awesome question Mitch.  The short answer is this:  The really BAD thing about GMO’s is what we don’t know about them!  Remember that this is a relatively new trend in food science, it has not withstood the test of time.

For the long answer allow me to share a story I recently heard:

During the late 1800’s the field of disease treatment was gaining in scope and depth of study – mysteries were being solved by the brightest & best minds of the time.  There was growing interest in finding a cure for SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome.)  This is the tale of how the leading minds of the time made two massive errors which not only did nothing to treat SIDS, but are literally still killing people decades later.

 Massive error #1) Diagnosis…..Virtually all cadaver study was performed on bodies from the lower working class.  Unbeknownst to these med-school brainiacs; the thymus gland from these cadavers was unusually SMALL due to a life of constant stress and malnourishment.  When they saw the ‘unusually large’ gland on the bodies of the upper-class babies (remember that advanced medicine was only available to those with $$$) they made their first fatal error by diagnosing SIDS as being caused by this enlarged gland.

Massive Error #2) Treatment…..Enter radiation therapy; a NEW technology that was just so cool – again the very TOP scientists figuring the stuff out.  These wizards decided to shrink the thymus with radiation – and it worked great!!  Large thymus begone…problem solved.


Not only was SIDS untouched, but people, BABIES, were zapped with high levels of radiation.  People are literally still getting very sick, many decades later, who were treated as babies.  All told tens of thousands of people were affected.  Deaths, horrible illnesses, incredible suffering – all because science thought it knew better.

Now please consider this, Mitch.  If you are entirely confident that the wizards in Monsanto’s (and all you other genetic modifiers out there) ivory tower understand what they are doing, that they are unswayed by the exponentially multiplying profits they stand to make, that they are making impartial decisions to benefit us all, then by all means enjoy your cheap food.  Oh yeah – I almost forgot…since GMO crops are made to endure massive quantities or pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers…that means you are eating those too.


Eat Up Mitch!





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