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‘FRESH’, 2009  Director:  Ana Sofia Jones      72 minutes

I do not like feeling scared.  I especially do not like sitting down for a nice documentary on my food supply and having the wits scared out of me.  In an era where such films are prevalent – FRESH is a wonderful change of pace.

I do like feeling encouraged.  I especially like feeling inspired by individuals or groups of people working together to better themselves and the world they inhabit.  This is why I LOVE the movie FRESH.  It shares information, inspiration, and innovation – all in appropriate measure.  The film does explore serious issues that affect our food supply but does not dwell on the scary stuff.  It spends much of its 72 minutes sharing input from a few ‘food heroes.‘

Take Will Allen for example, a 6’ 7” tall former pro basketball player turned Proctor & Gamble executive turned urban sustainable food pioneer.  This man farms a 3 acre lot in urban Milwaukee and has demonstrated that anyone, anywhere can grow food.  He regularly shares his vision, techniques, and food with people from all over the country.

FRESH will introduce you to a wide range of people involved in food production; from strictly conventional farmers, to sustainable farming pioneers, to food policy experts, and to ‘everyday’ people organizing community efforts to affect positive change.

David Cohen

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