Sheri’s Rants # 54: Mariah’s Dress

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Human beings resist change.  Good change, bad change – doesn’t matter – our initial response to anything ‘different’ is to balk.  We do this with other races, religions, fashion styles, smells, thinking, foods, forms of travel, languages – so few of us react to something different with a resounding YES!  Individually polled, I like to believe we’d say we do NOT want everyone to be the same, believe the same, speak the same, have the same tastes, strengths, looks or body shapes.  I’d like to believe we’re not, as a human race, into conformity.  Seriously.

However.  Resistance rears up first.

This dynamic – tragic in the face of wars and schoolyard bullying –  becomes amusing when we set out to change the state of our health and the state of our bodies!  There is what we say we want, and there is the knee-jerk reaction of self sabotage as soon as physical change begins to show up.  This is where THINKING comes in.  STOP AND THINK.  Anytime you’re in the middle of a change you’re organizing yourself around – stop and THINK anytime your brain starts having Big Ideas that, on closer consideration, run contrary to your goals.

Mariah found herself in just this type of predicament and sent me the following email:

So, an update on the last couple of days.

First off, the wedding we were attending turned into a total sh*t show, which was totally on my own shoulders. I had my day all planned out. Included in that plan was running by the health food deli on the way to grab a salad to eat with my cooked meat. Sounds good, right? Well, except for the part where I couldn’t fit into the dress I brought to wear to the wedding, which I found out about an hour before I had to be at said wedding. Oh f**kballs.  After 5 minutes of TOTAL FUDGING FREAKOUT,  I realized that I needed to go to the mall and find a new fricking dress. I was able to find new dress, find new bra, change in the car and make it to wedding on time looking fabulous. But, didn’t get any salad AND totally forgot all my food back at my aunt’s house. Oh f**kballs, again.

Fast forward to dinner. I ended up eating a small amount of poached salmon (yes, I ate fish rather than eating the very salty and sauced up beef that I tried first), a ton of green beans (they were buttered!) and already dressed mayonnaise based salad (had croutons), etc etc.

Fast forward to yesterday. Brian and I come home, everything looks good until I am making dinner for Brian which involves bacon (might be my new cupcakes) which I precede to eat about a package of. Awesome idea, right. Yeah Right.

So, weight was up 4 lbs.  Awesome.

So, am back to work today and totally back on plan. I was thinking that I was going to have bigger fallout from the whole dress thing, but in looking at it rationally, it totally makes sense. The dress was a little tight when I last wore it which was before this summer. So, would make sense that it would be tighter now. DUH!  And when was the last fricking time that I took a fancy outfit anywhere without trying it on before packing it?  I totally brought it on myself and so I will deal with the consequences as they come.

And so I will continue rotating. There it is.

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