Stacie’s Journey – August 2011

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Well, another month has gone by.  Writing about my journey is going to be as much of a learning experience as actually living it, I think.  My weight hasn’t moved much this month.  I’m not upset by that because I did travel quite a bit and for a little over a week I had no access to the food journal.  I ate clean and stayed high and my body forgave me by dropping back down to my lowest weight within 2 days of getting back home.  One thing I noticed this month is that I finally feel thinner.  I knew I was, could see I was, wore smaller size clothes and everything, but didn’t feel it.  Wrapping my mind around this whole process is definitely going to take time.  Something that has changed is my idea of what constitutes an excellent meal.  My 40th birthday was last week and my husband asked me where I wanted to go to dinner.  I thought about it and realized that if I wanted to eat something that I would really enjoy, I wanted to eat at home.  I told my coach that all I wanted was a nice, fat, juicy steak.  I have to tell you ladies and gentlemen, I really enjoyed that steak.  Well, for next month, I am focusing on drinking all my water, doing all my cardios, eating clean and tight, and strength training.  I know for a fact that if I do all those things, I will have wonderful results.   I look forward to journaling again next month.


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