Sheri’s Rants # 45: Grousin’ in the Graveyard

Posted on October 31, 2010 by


In the middle of a recent busy morning I took a break – a stroll through a large neighboring graveyard.  Ruminating on my whelming workload I was completely caught up in ‘she said this and now I have to do that and then they will act out there and I’ll be damned if…’ My brain spun as I walked furiously, letting my body work out the stress.  With my eyes on the ground I stopped before a faded red silk rose that had blown from a grave and looked up.  I was surrounded by planted people!  It hit me: here I am healthy, strong, vital, and fully functional.  I am capable of making endless choices, and I chose to go grousing in a graveyard.   Among those who had no more choice!

I felt appalled at my lack of grace.  Replacing the rose with an apology I slowly resumed my walk with more attention to my surroundings.  As I absorbed the passing grave markers – respectfully noting dates, ages, and relationships I stopped in my tracks as I found myself before a series of very small graves, heavily decorated with stone angels.  The children’s section. Folks who didn’t even get a chance to experience the range of a human life.  I took a few deep, shuddering breaths as my mind purged itself of worldly concerns.

I sent out a silent prayer for the children and felt immense gratitude to have the choice to dwell on these now piddling problems.   Leaving the graveyard I felt the sun on my shoulders, the breeze in my hair, and a new lightness in my heart.

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