Jan’s Journey: November

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October was a learning month.  I started the month off great.  I was on a roll
of fat burning and then poof!  The fat loss stopped and I started gaining…up
1, down 1, up 2, down 1, up 1, down 2.  What the heck was going on?  I wasn’t
cheating but I did change protein powders.  I ran out of GT powder so I bought
Biochem (which I had used before) and my weight started going nuts.  I
immediately notified my coach and after a week of trial and error, I found out
that my body doesn’t like whey!  I had a “gas” problem
with cheese in my previous unhealthy life (but I LOVE cheese!) and had noticed
that I seemed to have a “gas” problem with other whey protein powder but I was
losing weight so I put up with it.  I was getting kind of tired of it as it is a
bit embarrassing at times (can any one relate?)  Well during this up and down
month, we figured out that my whey has got to be thrown away!

I tried to do a week without protein powder but I just can’t eat that much meat and eggs to make
up my protein calories.  I started clucking like a chicken and I wanted to “gag”
at the thought of another bite of turkey or chicken!  I am now using a
Rice Protein powder which is so chalky tasting BUT it didn’t make me gain
weight.  In fact,  I lost all the inflammation weight that I had gained in one
day!  Hooray!

I am going to try egg white protein powder too but I heard it has
caused cramping in some people but I am going to try it anyway.  I just don’t
want to go another month without losing any weight.  So instead of making my goal of losing 50 lbs in
1 year on Genesis, I am down 48 and hoping to lose next month.  Life is a
learning process and I learned a valuable lesson this month:  No whey for me!


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