Whey Protein Price Increase! – from David’s Desk

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The whey market has been undergoing a significant shift.  There are large companies who have targeted whey as a key ingredient in many products, and production is increasing.  This has put the global supply of whey in greater demand and prices are climbing.

It is the intention of Team Genesis to offer a high quality and affordable protein powder to help our clients achieve their goals.  The recent changes in whey market have forced us to raise our prices, and there is a possibility that they will continue to climb.

The new price for Genesis Transformation whey protein is $18.00 per pound, effective September 1, 2010.

If the price must rise again we will give as much advance notice as possible.  Discounted bulk orders are available to help defray shipping costs.  Please contact David (david@genesistransformation.com) or Samantha (samantha@genesistransformation.com) for details or questions.

To learn more about the spike in whey usage google “Pepsi whey protein”.  There are numerous articles discussing Gatorade’s (owned by Pepsi) new sports drinks which contain whey.  The OTHER cola pusher reportedly has a whey potion of their own destined for foreign markets.

David Cohen

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