6 Causes of Health

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The last few years I’ve been exposed to a deeper understanding of creation.  Natural Law.

The easiest way my brain gets this, is Law of Gravity.  If I drop an egg, it WILL fall to the floor.  There is no emotion to stop it, no level of me not wanting it to happen that will prevent it from falling, and I don’t have to like the result. Law of gravity states, it falls.

Next, The Laws of Cause and Effect.   Plant an apple tree seed, in time you will have apples, not bananas, but apples.   If my actions (cause) were to eat chemically manufactured “food”, my body would eventually produce the fruit of the chemically manufactured food, dis-ease (effect).  Again, I don’t have to like it, want it or believe it.  Law of Cause and Effect.

We create our level of health!

We have so much focus on the cause of disease, we KNOW how to achieve that, how about we shift focus to the causes of a healthy and fit body.

Below are the top 6 I use and CONSTANTLY come back to when I notice my “fruit is bruised”

  1. Real Food: Our cells require nutrient, vitamins and minerals to function.  It doesn’t matter what you label yourself; paleo, vegan, high or low carb, vegetarian – just keep it real.   Grassfed beef, chicken, fish, olive & coconut oils, veggies, seeds, fruit, nuts.
  2. Pure Water: Our body is somewhere between 60-75% water.  If we do not refill ourselves, thinking will be off, workouts will be cut short, fatigue will settle in.  If we desire mental clarity, strength and energy – plant those seeds by drinking water.  We recommend one gallon/day.
  3. Movement:  To build and maintain muscle, we must use it. Cause and Effect.  Strength train, walk, yoga, dance, barre class, bike; challenge yourself.
  4. Rest: We choose our schedules each yes or no we state. Those two words are powerful seeds to plant.  We either choose to drain ourselves or rebuild our energy tanks.  Downtime is the seed of recovery.
  5. Inspect our thinking:  Our thoughts are attached to our unconscious programming, or belief system. Our actions stem from our thinking. Our results are the effect of our actions.  Therefore; our thoughts play a key role to accessing health.  For now, do your best to just notice your thoughts, without judgment or labeling.  In the meantime – Refocus: I choose to love me one simple step at a time.  I choose me.
  6. Accountability: One notebook, DAILY write down your mood, weight, workouts, and the food you ate. You’ll notice a trend soon enough and this will give you the power to change course or keep cultivating the seeds you have planted.

Create habits with any of these 6 causes, observe how quickly your health changes in 2 weeks, 1 month, 5 months, 1 YEAR.  You’ll have hiccups, so what.  Learn, laugh it off and keep moving.   We are using the above formula each second of the day, now we can put it to work in a favorable way, without relying on a false thought of chance and luck!



Katie Surjan, GT Coach