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davidcomputerDear Dave,

I need a QUICK protein fix for my child who is at school all day and already consumes a smoothie early in the day.  Are there any jerky or energy bars that you’d recommend?

Annie, Whitefish MT

Dear Readers (and Annie),

Annie explained that her son was having memory and concentration issues and that PROTEIN seemed to do the trick.  However….he sometimes could not eat for several hours and needed something so quick and easy that it was literally a grab-and-go snack.  

My first suggestion would be to figure out how to make your own jerky using all the best ingredients.  Since I have had this in mind for maybe 3 or 4 years and made almost no progress, I don’t expect you to move along any faster.  Instead I’ll offer an alternative:  EPIC BARS.  

These critter-based protein bars a new item on the shelves of many healthy food stores and we expect to see them continue to appear in more places.  Overall they are an EXCELLENT product with my only criticism being that there is a small amount of sugar in two varieties; Beef and Bison.  Otherwise they are about as clean as it gets – even using grass-fed beef & bison.  There are also Lamb (my favorite!) and Turkey flavors available. 

Since we are still in the honeymoon phase of the Paleo trend there are new jerky & meat products springing up like May flowers – I have still yet to find one that is soy, sugar, and wheat free, but I’d imagine that it’s a matter of time.  Until then….I will continue to ponder my masterpiece meat bar recipe, and buy Epic bars when I am hungry.  

Not currently or previously on the Epic bar payroll,

David Cohen

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