Sheri’s Rants #62: Be the Healthy Person

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Choosing to turn the tides and improve our health – on a cellular level – takes attention.  The lack of attention to self care had predictable results, and the habit of attention is one that must be learned.  We learn quickly how to get ‘on a roll’ in the simplest of our structured living of eating clean at work and home – but add in new events, situations, and people (each new holiday, birthdays, family traumas, celebrations…) and we can quickly feel challenged.  All that will power and bravado to eat clean can turn on a dime quickly without thoughtful consideration.

sheriheadshotCamping, vacation, kids home, travel, family, visitors – summer can be a very busy time as we all work hard to play hard for 12 weeks.  If you are new to this season as a budding healthy person, then it’s also a time of figuring out how to make your new lifestyle fit in with your summer rituals and habits.  This can take some adjusting!  What to eat when nothing is on the grill but hotdogs, what if all the salads are mayonaise and jello based?  We tend to move FAST in the summer – and slowing down to take care of ourselves can be challenging.  How to make it better, how to make it easy and FUN?  Here’s some tips:

1.  BE THE HEALTHY PERSON.  At any given event, you cannot rely on ‘other people’ to provide healthy food.  Someone has to go first.  It’s not going to be them.  YOU be the one who shows up with the healthy salad, the fruit tray, the special chicken kebabs for the grill, whatever.  YOU do it.  Everyone else will eat it and love it.


3.  STAY OFF THE SOAPBOX.  Be who you are, eat to take care of your self, and leave everyone else alone.  If they are curious why you are looking so good, they’ll ask.

4.  NEVER PLAN ON ‘HEALTHY FOOD’ BEING AVAILABLE unless you bring it.  See number one.

5.  CARRY PROTIEN POWDER and a simple shaker jar at all times.  Goes good with that water you’re hauling around.  It helps to carry fruit as well for carbs.  A piece of fruit and a shot of protein in water makes great ‘fast food’.  Other easy ‘fast foods’:  hard boiled eggs, cooked chicken, celery and apples, tuna, and any leftovers you love.  Carrying a cooler bag is a lifesaver in the summer.

6.  PLAN AHEAD.  Whether it’s a camping trip, a picnic, a road trip, or Aunt Edna’s for the day – think ahead, think ahead, think ahead.  With enough thought, you can make ANYTHING work.

7.  DON’T EAT POO.  If you are somewhere there is literally no real food, all you are faced with is hot dogs and white buns and beer and you are starving – you’d be better off NOT EATING than eating poo.  Seriously.

8.  MAKE IT LOOK LIKE FUN.  If you are hoping to influence those around you to take better care of themselves, then learn how to do it gracefully, your self.   Nothing is more attractive than grace.  No one else wants to get on board with something that doesn’t look like fun.

And don’t forget that as a GT client you have a wealth of resources on both our blog page and the Support Forums built into Genesis!

have fun,

Sheri Lynn

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