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NR 1hr 29m

Directors: James Colquhoun, Laurentine Ten Bosch, Carlo Ledesma

I love the intention behind this movie; to question the motives and methods behind the diet industry.  The film quickly tackles some huge issues with precision and impact leaving the viewer either impressed or horrified depending on their point of view.  After the initial approach I was somewhat disappointed with the message being delivered.


Anyone struggling or questioning a diet will have something to gain here.  It is my viewpoint, and the overall understanding of those involved in Genesis Transformation, that diets DON’T WORK.  There are many concepts, chemicals, and emotional triggers that diets rely on for one massive purpose:  To make money.  HUNGRY FOR CHANGE does a fine job of exposing these half-truths and may open your eyes to some potentially devastating food habits that you may have.  


The first half of the film is very informative, dense with impactful information.  I had a better understanding of the diet industry after watching this far.  After an hour or so I felt that the message shifted – towards cleansing, juicing, and adopting a vegan lifestyle.  While I certainly agree with some of the benefits to be gained from making these initial shifts I deeply question how accessible (and realistic) such a radical change is to most people.  Also, I felt a huge lack of information geared towards those seeking a transition to a healthier lifestyle – either diet or go vegan felt like the overall message, and a message that I find sorely lacking.


Still thinking about that new diet?  Think diet soda’s are helping you achieve your goals?

This film may help your head (and body!)  If you are looking for real alternatives to dieting you may need to dig a bit deeper than this film (think GENESIS COACH!!)


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