HOW WE ROLL: Peggi Ingram, RN

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A typical day for a corporate project manager and Genesis coach.

4:45 am – Awake to that alarm clock and spend a few minutes of mindful stretching prior to even rolling out of bed.  Weigh, put on work out gear and head to my special place to meditate with low lights and calm music.  Following my 15 minute meditation, I take another 5-10 minutes to just breathe and let my thoughts wander or focus on a specific topic of the day.


5:15 am – Start warm up on elliptical for 20 minute HIIT bopping to the beat of some great Kenny Chesney or Zac Brown Band.  First qt of water in!


5:45 am – Hit the shower and then put the water on for tea and coffee.  Make hubby and son’s lunches for the day and then get dressed and ready for the day.


6:15 am – Prepare my 3 egg scramble with spinach and mushrooms, peel 2 hard boiled eggs, pack chicken salad, 2 apples, ground turkey with salsa and Tahini Goddess dressing with flax tortillas and large salad for lunch and snacks while at work. Head out the door with my huge lunch bag and large chai tea to go


7:00-9:00 am – Catch up on emails while eating my egg scramble and apple.  Prepare for any meetings. Finish 2nd qt of lemon water with few drops of stevia.


9:30 am – Snack on hard boiled eggs in meeting while heading off any timeline issues or tracking down action items.


11:30 am – Gather lunch of salad and chicken salad and answer the many questions about GT during my lunch with the team.  Return any emails from clients or prepare articles for GT newsletter and local blog.  By now I am pretty well into 3rd qt of water by this time.


2:30 pm – snack on ground turkey with salsa and tahini goddess dressing on flax tortillas.  Yummy – this gets me through the afternoon of continuous meetings and demands.  Review current project plans to stay on task. At my desk, I take several moments of deep breathing to keep myself centered.


4:30 pm – head home to prepare for coaching sessions with clients.  Make my chia seed drink and also prepare a huge glass of hibiscus tea with lemon and stevia mixed with carbonated lime water.  Yummy.   This glass is refilled constantly through the evening completing my gallon + of water.


6:30-8 – prepare dinner of grilled salmon on a huge bed of salad topped with olive oil and pumpkin vinaigrette; potatoes and peas for the family.   I always make lots of leftovers to be included in the next day’s meal plan.  This is the time the family gets caught up on each others day.  Discuss plans for the rest of the week and delegate chores out.


8:00-9:30 – relax, watch tv, knit, read, gather my thoughts, journal my day, plan tomorrows menu, take a bath and just calm myself from the busy day.


10:00 pm – Hit the hay. It never takes me long to fall asleep.  I just lay on my back getting in correct body alignment and take a few deep cleansing breaths and out I go to rejuvenate myself for the next day.  Ahhhhh another wonderful day!


 What was your greatest challenge when you began your Transformation?

    1. I think the greatest challenged I faced when I began my transformation was eliminating the evening Limon and Diet Coke drink when I first got home from work.  I loved the taste of it.  It was my time.  It was what I did to unwind from the day and it tasted oh so gooooooood.    One was usually enough but I missed that the most for a long long time.

What kept you going?

    1. What kept me going was knowing that I was in my upper 40’s and my glycohemoglobin was raising, my waist was getting larger and I did not want to be another diabetic statistic. I knew this was the answer to even out my blood sugar and get my figure back to a shapelier woman figure instead of an apple.

What advice would you give someone just starting a Transformation?

    1. Be kind to your self and trust your coach.  The process may seem slow but it is slow for a reason.  You can’t go from point A to point B without some diversions in the road.  Stay focused on the end goal but forgive yourself.

What aspect of Transformation continues to challenge you?

    1. What still challenges me the most is self-care.  As a lifelong caregiver, this has been the most difficult for me to shift.   The habit is much more in control however it takes a lot of meditation and focus on my part to let others care for themselves instead of doing it for them.

How has Transformation improved your life?

    1. This Transformation has been the best thing for me in my life.  I am in the best physical and mental shape of my life.  I am kinder and gentler to myself and to others and I love the peace I feel within.

What is your current favorite food/meal?

    1. My favorite food is the tahini goddess dressing.  Oh my – I go into withdrawal if I am out.  I eat it on almost everything.  Just love it.

Do you have a current favorite way to work out?

    1. I like to do my cardio on an elliptical at this time or run outside when we are at the boat.  Seeing the waves crash onto the rocks and feel the lake breeze in the morning is just awesome.  Following the cardio a quick trip to the gym to do some weights completes the day!

What’s your favorite workout music?

    1. My favorite workout music is country – give me some Kenny Chesney or Zac Brown Band and I am good to go.

Do you have any goals for the next year?

    1. I always have goals.  This next year goals are to increase the depth of my meditation, maintain my weight goal, focus on continuing to build my client base and become even more active in the GT community.

What inspires you?

    1. A friend and fellow GTer, Kelly, has so inspired me.  I know I was initially Kelly’s inspiration when I was the only one in the Midwest doing this Transformation, but Kelly has embraced her own journey and is doing tremendous.  Watching her every week drop 2 pounds and find ways to overcome her obstacles to make GT her primary priority has been so inspiring to me.


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