No Time To Pee

Posted on September 4, 2011 by


Samantha Ray

As coaches we repeatedly hear from clients they don’t have time to drink water because they “don’t have time to pee”.  As busy members of society we find time to drive all around, text, surf the web, go mall shopping, attend parties, and work but we have no time to pee?  I find this curious at least.  How can we not have time to properly hydrate ourselves?  “After oxygen, water is your highest priority for attaining (and maintaining) health.  Did you know staying hydrated slows down the aging process?  Okay, now I’ve got your attention!

I know it’s inconvenient to constantly go pee.  As a person who pees often it has become a running joke with my two sons.  They know wherever we are making stops I will be visiting the public bathroom and, trust me, I know where all the bathrooms are at the places we frequent.  I am a public bathroom SEEKER!  Yes, an embarrassing secret of mine I’ve just publicly exposed:)

Sam considers where to pee next.

Embarrassing secret number two:  I have become VERY skilled at peeing outside in the woods. I’ve had too as I love the outdoors and travel places without public bathrooms for miles and miles. So this skill is very handy for the uninhabited Montana back roads.  This past winter I was enjoying an epic powder ski day with a group of 6 ripping women skiers.  We were shredding the pow and did not want to take breaks inside to pee.  I laughed so hard as several of us dropped our ski pants and took a quick pee in the trees so we wouldn’t miss a powder turn!  It is so liberating to realize peeing outside isn’t just for men.

No, it’s not convenient to have to pee frequently but it is much better than the alternative of dehydration and shriveling up like a raisin!  It does help to ‘front load’ your water by starting to drink as soon as you wake up.  Also, drink more water when you’re places you know you’ll have easy access to the bathroom (i.e. home, work).  It is healthy and necessary to take breaks at work, get your blood moving, and take a few moments to breathe deeply while you head to the restroom.

Hey, when we don’t have time to pee, what else are we missing out on?