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A random (fairly mellow) Thursday in late July:

4:30 am  David brings me warm lemon water in bed, I work on that as I pry my eyes open.  Then it’s on to a pot of tea (usually Tulsi and Hibiscus) and yoga/meditation for an hour or two.

6:30 am Chai tea (homemade, w/ hemp milk), hot chia porridge w/ protein powder, and a kettle bell workout followed by a spirulina lemonade.

7 – 8:30 get dogs out for a hike.  Come back and eat 3 poached eggs and a 16 oz veggie juice. Catch up with my daughter on the phone.

9 – 11  Computer work; emails, writing, planning.  Eat about 8 oz of turkey and emu chili and a huge salad.

11- 11:30 nap followed by a stretch and an on the fence Italian coffee with hemp milk

12-2  Computer writing, and a berrie smoothie.

2-5  Research, phone meetings, and a chicken breast w/ another veggie juice.  Knit for a little while to clear my head from the meetings.

6ish  Bison burger and a huge salad.  Catch up on the day with David, and an easy dog walk.

7-9:30ish a pot of Rooibos tea, knit knit knit, contemplate life, giggle, and generally wind down for bed!

Throughout the day I drink a gallon of water – in the form of plain water, water with lemon, and water with apple cider vinegar and stevia.

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