Ask Dave: SOS!! (april fools day)

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Dear Dave:  I bought 3 cases of organic soy milk on sale at a warehouse store.  I heard soymilk is healthy, but my weight is going up and my joints are hurting!  What do I do?


Dear SOS,

The bigger question here is obvious:  How much did you pay for the soymilk?  If you paid more than $25.00 per case I suggest that you use it.  Assuming that the worst that can happen to you is hair loss, unusual weight gain, nausea, tumor growth, hormonal imbalances, and infertility, then what’s the big deal?  Considering that organic soymilk can sell for over $30 per case you just saved over $15, so even if you experience some minor health issues it still sounds like a good deal.

On the other hand lets consider if the milk is really bad for you, could this set you back financially?  This all depends on your insurance.  If the milk causes some gastrointestinal ‘difficulty‘ you could get a prescription to take care of that – probably all covered.  You may need to call in specialists if the problem persists – depending on your plan, it may be covered.  So unless you DON’T have insurance, DRINK IT!

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