Update from the Road

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David and I moved into this 40 ft home-on-wheels back in the first week of July – and it’s been a constant adventure of adjustments and travel ever since!  In the spirit of making good on my promise to keep up with letting folks know how it’s going, here’s a short list on my progress:

The Rig.

1.  This lifestyle agrees with me far more than I’d originally imagined.  Despite the apparent lack of space, we are never crowded – and even have room for yoga, dog romping, multiple work areas and major food operations of growing, prepping, dehydrating, etc.

2.  I used to scoff at these huge motorcoaches as they lumbered down the road – “that’s not camping!”  I was right.  It’s not camping.  And thank goodness for that!  That said, it’s easy to find hiking trails close by, most everywhere we stay.

3.  I have only been on a plane for one trip since July.  Yippee!  And only one hotel.  Yippee again!  This allows me to spend very focused time on my writing.

4.  We prefer the laid back, friendly, small RV parks much more than the ‘resorts’.  They tend to have better internet, roomier sites, and are sweeter to dogs.  The owner-run parks are exceptional.

5.  The RV community is a very friendly, respectful, adult, and interesting group of folks.

6.  We’re really young for this lifestyle.  We’re reminded of that somewhat often by retirees in RV’s:  “how did YOU two manage to do this already?”

Saguaro morning; Arizona

7.  I’ve learned not to let laundry pile up.  Way easier to do in small batches and takes up less space.

8.  We’re growing food.  We have a sprout farm going on, of several varieties. I want to start some greens and herbs but David wants to get the sunflower sprout operation out of the shower first.  Fine.  But I’d like to stop buying basil soon.

9.  There are far more farmer’s markets than we imagined (even in the desert!) – and there is an entire undercurrent of farmers and ranchers growing organic food and humanely raised, grass fed animals.  It brings tears to my eyes, the effort and the beauty of it.  We are thrilled to support them, no matter where we are.  We do not shop ‘regular’ grocery stores, not at all.  We consider this to be true accomplishment in sync with our integrity.

10.  We’ve already developed our plan for the next year.  We base our destinations on weather and food availability, and leave a month open here and there for whimsical travel.

Have fun!



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