Beginner’s Workout #12: featuring Vicki Bernstein

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Shoulder Press – Integrated with Tubing Seated on a Stability Ball

This is a great way exercise for the shoulder girdle, which improves shoulder girdle rhythm and improves posture.  Adequate shoulder range of motion is required to perform this exercise without compensation to the low back. 

Sitting tall in neutral spine on the stability ball, maintain optimal posture, press up and lower down and repeat for desired reps.  Begin this exercise with the appropriate dumbbell weight for the desired reps and later integrate the tubing for more resistance.








Prone Plank on the Stability Ball with single arm upper torso lift

A full body exercise that strengthens the core, particularly the erector spinae muscles that run along the spine. Lie in a prone position with your waist and tummy on the ball, your legs extended. Place the balls of your feet on the floor and lengthen into the Achilles tendon, check that the wrists are in line with the shoulders.  Maintain this position while engaging the abdominals, then place one hand on the forehead (begin without the weight and progress to  1 -2 # dumbbell  as you gain strength)  lengthening away from your navel elevate the torso.  This can progress to both hands on the forehead.  Hold for 8-10 breathing cycles, half with the right arm then switch to the left.

Stability Ball Side Leg Lift

Start by kneeling down with the ball on your left side. Extend your right leg sideways. Slowly roll the ball to the left and lower your body until your waist and hip are resting firmly against the ball. This is your starting position. Lift your right leg up to hip level and then lower it down. Do the desired number of repetitions.
To switch to the other side, bend your extended right leg and roll yourself back into a kneeling position. Avoid sinking into your shoulder. Pull yourself up and away from your elbow.
Exhale as you lift the leg; inhale as you return it to starting position.
If you are used to doing side leg lift lying on the floor, you will notice that this exercise is harder to perform. That’s because of the angle that the exercise is performed, which increases the range of motion of the lifting leg. Do 10 repetitions on each side.

Genesis Transformation Coach Vicki Bernstein has been teaching dance, fitness, and Pilates classes as a compliment to her work in health promotion for adults over age 50.    Vicki is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance, a certified Pilates instructor and is also certified to teach Gyrotonic.  She earned a Master’s degree in Gerontology from the University Of Utah College Of Nursing in 1995.  ACE certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach and NASM certified personal trainer, Vicki teaches with kindness and passion as she supports and motivates students  to reach their health and fitness goals.