Client Story: Marilyn’s Heart

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Hi Sheri,

I wanted to let you know about something that cropped up with me – perhaps you may have other clients that might have this situation and could benefit knowing about my experience.  I started having some heart arrhythmia last summer – didn’t pay much attention to it, as I was healthy and fit – probably in the best shape athletically of my life as I had just come off a several month rotation in which I was doing three 25 minute HIT’s out of every four days (this was when I was working with Courtney).  The palpitations have been going on since then pretty regularly.  I went in to get a tooth transplant, and the oral surgeon wouldn’t do the procedure until I got it checked out.

So I went to the Dr. last week and she did an EKG and consulted with a cardiologist (because she had only seen this a few times).  He said it is a condition that is usually seen in athletes – when the heart rate slows from conditioning (my resting HR in her office was 60bpm, but registers as ~50 when I first wake up).  What happens is that with so much time between beats, the AV node has more time to act up – sticking in an extra beat now and then – which was what the EKG showed.  I asked if it could be age-related and she said it could be but that if I were in as good condition ten years ago, it might still crop up.  At any rate, it is nothing to be the least bit concerned about.  She said my sinus heartbeat was perfectly regular and my heart was not enlarged (which can happen with too much cardiac training – ala cardio queens).  Plus, my blood work from last September was the best it has been in twenty years – liver enzymes normal (1st time in 20 yrs) – fantastic cholesterol readings.  So I guess I wish I had checked it out sooner, because it was bothering me thinking something might be wrong, but I hesitated because of not wanting it on my medical record.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know and thank you again for steering me on the path to sublime health.  It is an awesome state to be in!  I am grateful to you every single day.  xoxoxox

Love, Marilyn (age 60)

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