Jan’s Journey April 2010

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This month Jan has been dealing with visiting family and a cruise…

My transformation continues!  I am in rotation and have lost a few pounds and just returned from a 2 week vacation. During the trip, I didn’t log my food, I just watched what I ate.  We visited my cousins in St Kitts and I found that staying with friends or relatives when you are trying to eat healthy, can be a challenge.  Turns out they eat out a LOT!  I took some protein bars with me and those kept me from getting too hungry between meals.  They don’t eat on a regular schedule so I was happy that I had my protein powder and protein bars to rely on!  We then went on a cruise for 7 days where I had unlimited food choices.  I ate lots of fruit, salads, fish and potatoes and even had some lobster (minus the butter) and it tasted so good!   When I have cruised before, I LOVED to taste the desserts.  I managed to refuse all desserts except for one teaspoon of a souffle….it didn’t taste that good.  All in all, I did okay.  I didn’t gain any
weight and I didn’t lose any weight.  So now it is back to rotation and hopefully some weight loss.  A big positive was that I was able to take a bunch of clothes on the trip that I haven’t worn in about 4 years.  Even though I haven’t lost a lot of weight, I have been losing inches and most of my “thinner” clothes are getting looser all the time.  So that is progress!

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