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“Of course we all have our limits, but how can you possibly find your boundaries unless you explore as far and as wide as you possibly can? I would rather fail in an attempt at something new and uncharted than safely succeed in a repeat of something I have done.” by A.E. Hotchner.

One of my absolute favorite quotes!!

Samantha Gilman

Samantha Gilman

Exploring our boundaries far and wide and stepping outside of our current comfort zones allows us to experience expansion and growth. To think “outside of the box” or “outside of our current beliefs and patterns” will ensure change and transformation. How will we ever experience self growth if we don’t push ourselves to learn or try something new, think differently, or change our behaviors and actions? As a coach I often hear a myriad of excuses from my clients on why they “had to have that glass of wine at the party”, “couldn’t resist the cake at the baby shower”, or how dare they “insult someone by not eating what that person made”. I never judge my clients for their choices but I do recognize this reasoning as self sabotage and being stuck in old patterns. How do we get unstuck out of these old beliefs, thoughts, and patterns that keep us prisoner to our old ways and deter us from meeting our goals?

First, we must recognize them and then be pro-active about changing them. Yes, this may mean feeling uncomfortable and traveling into unchartered territory for oneself in a variety of ways. Unknowns often bring up fear, denial, and resistance in ourselves. However, we must persevere through it and trust that the resistance and fear will pass. Once we take this step and break through the resistance, what is on the other side is so rewarding and surprisingly comfortable! The world is full of unlimited possibilities, why wouldn’t we explore these opportunities to allow ourselves to continually evolve into the absolute best that we can be? We are all unique and beautiful individuals with many gifts, wisdom, knowledge, and talents to share. By being open to the unknown and exploring beyond our current boundaries we allow ourselves to grow on a deeper and more profound level. These experiences of self exploration lead to long lasting success because we feel EMPOWERED when we have breakthroughs. We are meant to shift and not stay static, everything in the world is constantly changing. Recently in a lecture Sheri was talking about how each thought, behavior, choice, and action is either directing our lives on the path of regeneration or the path of degeneration. Which path will you choose today?

Yoga, meditation, and quiet time allows us to sit with ourselves and see our “stuff”. This time brings great clarity, peace, and empowerment in one’s life. These tools will also support you in integrating these regenerating new ways and letting go of self sabotage and degenerating old ways with grace and ease So have fun and give yourself the gift of expanding and exploring by trying new foods, new exercises, books, yoga classes, meditations, different habits when attending social functions, different ways to deal with stress and all without any degeneration or harm to yourself!! Find more ways to seek growth, education, ways to love and take care of your WORTHY self and to regenerate your body, mind, and spirit!! Think, be, and do in ways you never have thought possible before and the rewards will be magnificent indeed!!

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