Torso Training

Posted on February 5, 2009 by



I like to throw a full torso routine in the mix every once in a while to train my entire core with weights and really get in touch with how I’m using my torso.  I do this several ways, and the routine below is one of them.  This time, I’m using a quad set – with bodyweight exercises that utilize my core as well as dumbell training.  The soreness after this set is really interesting – it gives me a feel for how all those 26 some odd muscles in my torso are working together!

SET ONE (four times, first set use 15 reps to warm up then drop down to 12 reps)

Incline Bench Press with dumbells

Bent Dumbell Rows on bench (instead of steadying your hand on the bench, try putting that supporting hand on your THIGH and really focus on using your core to keep you stable)

Front Lunges  no weight, 15 reps ea leg ea set – I use my arms overhead at the bottom to more fully engage my core)

Quick Bodyweight Squats (no weight, feet under hips, nice and low; 10 ea set)

SET TWO (four times;  no warm up set)

Lat Pulldowns (to front of chest, focus on lats)

Flat Bench Flyes (barrel arms; be sure you’re over your chest and not shoulders)

Reverse Lunges (use core to pull working leg through and into knee-up, not touching ground except in rear; 15 ea set ea leg)

Incline Pushups (do these on the END of a bench – elbows tucked next to rib cage, legs spread; to failure)

…that’s usually enough for me.  If it’s not enough for you – UP THE WEIGHTS!