Genesis Coach Training Level 1 2009

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Team Genesis hosted the inaugural Genesis Coach Training at the C.O.D. Ranch in Oracle, AZ January 21-25.   15 attendees arrived from California, Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico and Montana.


Team Genesis arrived on Tuesday and enjoyed a gorgeous hike on the Arizona Trail before settling into an afternoon meeting and preparation for the arrival of the trainees.  Wednesday, folks showed up all day long and Lennie did a great job shuttling and general hosting.  We sat around the fire that night giggling, telling stories, and getting to know each other.  Jayla introduced me to ‘hot cocoa’ – chocolate American Whey in hot water.  Wow, that was decadent.  I had no idea what folks were doing with protein powder…and it only got more imaginative as the days went on (what WAS that frozen pink stuff, Erin?)

Samantha taught yoga early every morning.  For many, it was a first-time yoga experience!  All day classes Thursday – Saturday were interspersed with movement classes taught by both Jamie and Samantha.   Regular meals were cooked by awesome five star chef David; in-depth group assignments and evenings around the fire kept everyone busy.  I, personally, had a fabulous time – and I’ll let everyone else speak for themselves:

171100_0422 “As with every Genesis event I have attended, not only was the information valuable and pertinent, but it was impeccably prepared and thoughtfully presented.  Plus, the setting was perfect for our group…”  Marilyn

“…wonderful variety of fitness classes and great instruction.  The schedule was great and a nice mix of activity, group work, lecture and Q & A – this course did not drag!  Fantastic all the way around!…”  Jill

170 160 “Wow.  What an amazing experience.  I had no idea that not only would I learn about an incredible fat loss program, but I would learn about a diverse group of amazing women…my eyes have been opened along with my heart…Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this amazing process.  I look forward to the next one!”   Kelly


“…we are required to take classes to learn how to drive a car, but there is very little CREDIBLE teaching out there about how to take care of our bodies…”   Dawn

11821242161 “This has been an amazing and powerful weekend – both personally and on a professional level!…”  Tracey

“…each hour was better than the previous for me as resistance melted away and I was able to see and envision the reality of what this ‘fat loss’ program really is and what it can do…”    MaryAnn

100_0353100_0357100_0370 “…learning how to share this experience of being healthy and fat loss with these methods will revolutionize the health of this country…this program is at it’s most basic level about supporting people to love themselves…”  Vicki

“Samantha, Sheri, and Jamie are so knowledgeable in their fields and are dynamic, organized, through and professional.  The attention to making us comfortable – food, location, yoga, materials, support etc. was amazing…”  Erin

“…promoted co-operation among other coach candidates, and downright fun hanging with such awesome women (and Lennie!)…”  Dave

100_0372100_0385100_0384 “…I have a totally new appreciation for what Genesis Transformation is all about.  Thank you for trusting us enough to share this with others…”  Tami

“…The training was amazing! Incredibly inspiring & informative.  Professionally presented in a precise and detailed manner.  Thank you so much!”  Christy

100_0383 “I highly recommend Genesis training to anyone who has experienced the joy of taking responsibility for thier health and nutrition, and wants to share their experience with others…”  Karen

“The information presented is priceless!  This was just what I needed at just the right time.  How wonderful for me to have these skills to share with the world!  Thank you so much!”    Jayla


“Sheri’s passion and love for her work came through so clearly!  The information was excellent…Samantha’s yoga classes were a great way to start the day, and the food was excellent!  Thank you for a truly unique experience!”  Jodee

“The information, format and pace were great.  Time to bond, stress-release, and let the knowledge soak in…”  Nance

“The ideal seminar is not only fun and informational, but brings the participants to a new level of personal growth and awareness.  This was all that, and more!”   Marilyn

See our event schedule on our main website here.  The Genesis Coach Training Levels 1-3 for 2009 are already full.  Check out the Retreat in October, as well as the Genesis Coach Training 2010 in January of 2010.  Find us at Genesis Transformation on Facebook to see more of the pictures from this event!

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