New Beginnings: The New Year’s Resolution

Posted on January 2, 2011 by


Erin Sabin, Genesis Coach

Welcome 2011! 2010 has come and gone and 2011 is laid out like a blank training journal. It is no
surprise that as the New Year begins, we begin to reminisce on the days behind us and look forward to
what is to come; hence NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS.

I have always been one to avoid making resolutions; they often seem like a gateway to failure and
disappointment. Contemplating the idea of resolutions for 2011 I decided that this was a great year to
turn over a new leaf, embrace new beginnings and identify a few personal resolutions the months to

The first and most important resolution for my 2011 is to identify my ultimate goals; professional,
physical and personal. When I have my goals identified (here comes the real resolution part) I will break
them down into small and obtainable goals. So, if one of my goals or resolutions for 2011 is to have “6-
pack abs” I will focus on the small steps to obtaining those 6-pack abs. The end goal of the elusive 6-
pack seems pretty daunting to me, but if I were to look at that goal as a series of small resolutions it is
no longer so intimidating.

In the past, the problem I have seen with setting big New Year Resolutions is that the focus is only on a
large end result. If that result is not quickly obtained, it is easy to mentally catalogue that as a failure.
When failed resolutions pile up it becomes much more difficult to recognize the strengths and
positive accomplishments throughout our days.

If a large, end goal is broken down into a series of small goals, the journey toward reaching that goal is
one of success. Along with reaching that goal, self confidence grows and resolutions are fulfilled, with
grace and ease!

So here’s to 2011. Embrace this next year as a blank training journal. What do you want for your year
and how are you going to get there? The possibilities are as vast as can be imagined. What fun!